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Welcome to our farm website. We are Mike, Chris, Hilary, and Paige Chester. Our homestead and small diverse family farm are located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.


Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown using organic methods. Animals have access to the outdoors year round and are out on pasture during the growing season. Our registered Nubian goats are used for show and provide milk for kitchen use and hand crafted soaps and lotions. Merino sheep provide quality wool that we send to a family mill to be made into roving. Poultry range freely throughout the year. Midget White turkeys are raised for meat, Delaware chickens for eggs and meat, and Indian Runner ducks for eggs and amusement. Each year pigs are raised for the county fair and the freezer. Farm Before a Storm

We strive to grow produce, rear livestock, and raise poultry in a sustainable manner. Our gardens benefit from the animals and the animals benefit from the gardens (pigs really enjoy pea pods – this is their reward for helping to clear new garden spaces). When the grass starts to grow in the spring we put the goats and sheep out on pasture - the goats go to our side lawn so that we do not have to cut the grass. It is at this time that we clean their winter housing and apply bedding to our vegetable gardens. This bedding acts as both a fertilizer and mulch, and over the years has given us excellent organic soil. Extra bedding is composted for next year’s gardens. In the fall animal bedding is again removed and applied to the garden. This bedding provides more organic fertilizer and extra protection for our asparagus, garlic, black raspberries, strawberries, and herbs.

We are members of PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture), the ALBC (American Livestock Breed Conservancy), the Northern Tier Chapter of Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local, and the Mansfield Growers Market.

All produce, animals, and poultry are sold for on-farm pick-up only, We do not have the necessary permits and licenses to mail or ship these. We can ship our goat milk soaps and creams, as well as wool and roving - contact us for pricing and availability.


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Chester Family

825 Newtown Hill Rd, Mansfield PA, 16933

(570) 662 - 1082



This web site was created and maintained by Hilary. Mike, unless otherwise indicated, wrote the text.

Site last updated : April 7th, 2012